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Knight Industrial Supply Privacy & Security Policies

Knight Industrial Supply respects everyone who visits our website and your privacy and transaction security are of the utmost importance to us!


We register aggregate (anonymous) information on when and what pages visitors view on our site. This information is used only to improve the content of our website and your shopping experience. We also collect your IP address where a purchase has been initiated to help protect us from credit card fraud. On certain sales support forms on our website, we may also request your e-mail address and company and contact information as well to set up your account with us. None of this data will ever be shared with any third party whatsoever.
We reserve the right to contact our clients by the e-mail addresses they provide for promotions, newsletters and order confirmations or clarifications. The client will always have to option to opt out of promotional mailings.


When you purchase goods online from Knight Industrial Supply, it is necessary to collect a shipping and billing name and address and credit card information to process your order. We collect that and all other sensitive information using industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security with up to 256 bit encryption, as secured by GoDaddy.com. You will know if you are on a secured page by the image of a padlock either at the lower right corner of your browser, or to the right of the address bar on top. (This page is secured by the SSL security as an example)
Knight Industrial Supply, Inc. has been verified as the sole owner of and holds all domain control over www.KnightIndustrial.com so no third party may access our site or database.


Some of our web pages may register either temporary session identities or permanent identities with your internet browser, also known as cookies. These enable your browser to navigate our website more easily and may allow our website to recognize you on future visits. Your browser may also store your account log-in information including your password. This data is secured on our website, but it is up to the user to control the browser's use of cookies and pre-stored log ins and passwords. Please note that if you disable your cookies in your browser, some functionality of the website may be compromised or lost.
Our website contains links to external websites and data. These are provided as customer service tools to enhance your experience on our website and/or provide additional data for products and applications. We make no claims or warranties of accuracy of the data those websites present. Furthermore we cannot be held responsible for the privacy or security those websites may or may not provide. (Cookies & Links will be appearing this year at the Coachella Valley Music Festival, day 2, on stage 3!)